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How to Prepare Coated Microneedle?

Coated microneedles are capable of retaining drugs at specific depths in the skin, saving a certain amount of drug dose, and are independent of drug diffusion and can be stored independently, making them suitable for protein, peptide and vaccine applications.

Coated Microneedle Preparation Methods

1. Design of coated formulations

For coated microneedles, the design of the coating formulation is an important part of the process, as it is necessary to ensure film-forming ability and coating adhesion, as well as film uniformity, coating dissolution rate and a certain drug loading capacity.

2. Preparation methods

Coating methods such as dip coating, roller coating, layer coating and spraying.

3. Drug delivery method

After the CMNs coated with water-soluble drug are inserted into the skin, the drug is dissolved from the CMNs coating into the skin, and then the microneedle is withdrawn.

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