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How to Prepare Nano-vesicles for Encapsulating Protein Drugs?

How to Prepare Nano-vesicles for Encapsulating Protein Drugs?

  • Mix glycidyl methacrylate dextran solution with polyethylene glycol solution to form a suspension.
  • Add tri-block polymers to the suspension and emulsify for a certain time, followed by the addition of protein macromolecule drugs and emulsify for a certain time to form nano-vesicles encapsulating protein macromolecule drugs dispersed in two phases of polyethylene glycol and glycidyl methacrylate dextran.
  • A cross-linking agent is added to the nano-vesicle emulsion, cross-linked for a certain period of time, followed by dialysis through a dialysis bag, and the water is removed after lyophilization to obtain polymeric nano-vesicles wrapped with protein macromolecule drug.

Among them, the protein macromolecule drug can be selected from one or more of B-galactosidase, FITC-BSA, calf serum protein, interferon or erythropoietin.

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Re: How to Prepare Nano-vesicles for Encapsulating Protein Drugs?

Select Lipids: Choose suitable lipids for vesicle formation.

Create Lipid Film: Dissolve lipids in an organic solvent, evaporate to form a film.

Hydrate and Form Vesicles: Hydrate lipid film with an aqueous solution containing the protein drug, use agitation or sonication.

Size Reduction (Optional): Use techniques like extrusion or sonication for size control.

Purify: Remove free drug or unincorporated lipids using methods like chromatography or ultracentrifugation

. Characterize: Analyze size distribution, zeta potential, and drug encapsulation efficiency.

Stability Studies: Assess long-term stability under relevant storage conditions.

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