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Service Process for Health Care Products OEM/ODM

Service Process for Health Care Products OEM/ODM


  • Product negotiation

We will listen to the client's needs and ideas in detail. We will clarify the purpose of use, product concept, desired ingredients for the formula, prohibited ingredients for the formula, batch size, appearance (container, box, plastic molded packaging), sales route, sales price, budget, etc.

  • Prescription development

Decide on health ingredients and types based on the product concept, and put the final product into perspective for ingredient selection and prescription development.

  • Submission of trial samples

In line with the customer's needs, the prescription and ingredients are discussed and trial samples are submitted.

  • Quotation and contract preparation

We will submit a quotation based on your required specifications and quantities. After confirmation, we will sign a basic transaction agreement with the customer.

  • Prescription decision

After deciding on the prescription for the customer's needs, we proceed to the preparation for productization.

  • Manufacturing

We carefully manufacture one by one in our factory with clean environment.

  • Product test inspection and shipment

Before shipping, we check everything from the finished product itself to the outer packaging, and only qualified products are shipped.

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