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Use AI to generate head !!!

Headshot must retire the outdated 1k (horrible results) and 4k textures and replace, or provide the user with the option to choose, 8k textures! The purpose of software is to make life easy. Currently, headshot has too many options that must be tweaked to get the face looking similar to the base original photo. Reallusion must integrate AI to make much more realistic faces quicker. Currently, the generated face skin stops and we can see the edges. Then we must use many tools to blend the edges. BUG: a generated head side profile looks flat. Horrible!!! Reallusion should use AI to create skin for the ENTIRE head and body based off a single original photo. See example: headshot generator, ai It should not take hours or days to make a realistic head. AI can make this process almost instantaneous!

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Re: Use AI to generate head !!!

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