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ACS Member Insurance Program

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ACS_Insurance_Program.jpgThe Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans for ACS Members (BOT) mission is to

provide insurance and other kinds of financial security programs for the benefit of the

members of the American Chemical Society. One of the goals of the BOT is to provide

information and education that address Members’ insurance and financial needs. To that

end, the BOT has arranged for speakers from The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

to be available for ACS local and regional meeting presentations. MetLife has over 140

years of experience in employee benefits and insurance. References from ACS Members

who have attended one of these presentations given by MetLife representatives are

provided in the application form.

The Member Insurance Program (MIP) was established in 1966 to provide life insurance

for ACS Members. Today, the program has grown to more than a dozen life, health and

property insurance products. Through the MIP, ACS members have access to insurance

and financial security products at affordable group rates and are of significant value to

new and existing members. ACS staff and/or members of The Board of Trustees are

available to make a presentation about the insurance plans and products that are offered

to ACS members through the Member Insurance Program.


Are Your Prepared for Volatility?

This workshop will discuss the actions you can take to help prepare and manage volatility in today’s market.

College Planning

Provides insight and guidance for the major financial decisions that may have to be made when paying for college.

Employment Transition: Preparing for Change

Employees experiencing an employment transition will learn how to keep their financial house in order, and preserve their lifestyle.

Estate Planning

Employees will learn about establishing and prioritizing goals, the impact of federal estate taxes, setting up wills and trusts, and other strategies.

Get Retirement Ready

Prepares individuals for the decisions they need to make as they approach retirement, including sources of retirement income, employer distribution options, lump sum vs. income stream, IRA rollovers, health insurance options and relocation decisions.

Investing 101

A basic overview of investing that explains the difference between saving and investing, including asset class and investment styles, bonds, stocks and types of mutual funds.

Planning with Pride: A Closer Look at Estate Planning for the LGBT Community

This workshop focuses on important estate planning considerations for both LGBT individuals and couples. It also provides participants with specific solutions for many different situations.

Special Needs Planning

For employees who have dependents with special needs designed to help them understand the legal and financial complexities of special needs planning. They can learn how to help secure a lifetime of care and financial freedom for dependents.

Tax Strategies

Basic tax planning information to help individuals plan in a tax-efficient manner. Includes information on record keeping, tax law changes, state and local taxes, tax credits and tax deferred programs.

Understanding Retirement Healthcare

This workshop will cover important pre- and post-retirement healthcare decisions including what Medicare does and does not cover.

Understanding Social Security

Employees will learn about the advantages of delaying social security and the effect of earned income and taxation on these benefits.

Women and Investing: Planning Your Financial Journey

This workshop includes information on making investment and insurance decisions, advantages of planning and staying on track, maximizing employee benefits and taking control of the distribution of money.

Take Advantage of Your ACS Member Insurance Benefits!

This presentation, only, is given by an ACS staff member or a member of the ACS Board of Trustees.

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ACS Member Insurance Program

1155 16th Street, NW

Washington, DC, United States, 20036

Business: 202-452-8911