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D. Richard Cobb

Contributor II
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Born: 1949.

Honors: Northeast Region, ACS Volunteer Award, 2006; Special Recognition Award, ACS Division of Chemical Technicians, 2005, 2002; ACS Rochester Section Award, 2005, 2001; ACS Rochester Section, “Salutes to Excellence” Award, 2004.

Professional Positions: Senior Research Technician, Eastman Kodak Company (1969 to date).

Service in ACS National Offices: Council Policy Committee (Nonvoting), 2008-10; Committee on Membership Affairs, 2008-10, Chair, 2008-10, Committee Associate, 2007; Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans, 2008-10; Committee on Admissions, 2002-07, Consultant, 2008, Chair, 2003-05, Committee Associate, 2000-01; Committee on Technician Affairs, 1998-03, Chair, 2000-02, Committee Associate, 1997; ACS Governance Review Taskforce, 2005; Board Oversight Group on Leadership Development, 2005.

Service in ACS Offices: Member ACS since 1994. Rochester Section: Councilor, 2008-10, 1999-03; Chair-Elect, 2006; Secretary, 2005; Alternate Councilor, 2004, 1998-99; Treasurer, 1995-97. Division of Chemical Technicians: Councilor, 2007-09, Chair, 1997; Chair-Elect, 1996; Membership Committee, Chair, 1998. Northeast Regional Meeting: General Chair, 2004. Northeast Region Board of Directors, Vice Chair, 2007 to date.

Member: ACS Divisions: Chemical Health and Safety.

Instructor: ACS Leadership Development courses presented at the ACS Leadership Institute, ACS

National and Regional meetings and Local Section meetings:

“Coaching and Feedback”

“Collaborating Across Boundaries”

“Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue”


From Ideas to Action – Helping Chair-Elects and their members turn their ideas into an action plan for their year ahead

ACS Leadership Course: Collaborating Across Boundaries

Leaders in many roles in the Society (especially at more senior levels) need to be able to work effectively with leaders and members in other roles and units to accomplish their objectives. This course provides leaders with strategies and tools to make collaboration more productive including developing common goals, ensuring equity between what parties bring and what they gain from the effort, gaining members’ commitment, and establishing trust and resolving conflict.

ACS Leadership Course: Coaching and Feedback

Anyone who has tried coaching without proper training will tell you it is not as easy as it looks. Yet, coaching effectively is central to your success as a leader, the success of the volunteers, and ACS. It is a key skill that will help you increase performance, expand the skills of your team, improve relationships and morale, encourage creativity, and promote achievement. This course provides leaders with a proven process, practical tools, and a hands-on opportunity to coach volunteers and employees more effectively.

ACS Leadership Course: Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue

Have you ever found a project to go awry only to learn that miscommunication was the cause? Good communication skills can make all the difference in your success as a leader. This course helps ACS leaders improve their one-to-one communication skills from both sides of the communication exchange – as sender and receiver. You will assess your own communication skills through conversations with colleagues (within ACS and in your workplace.)


Eastman Kodak Company

15-C Greenleaf Meadows

Rochester, NY, United States, 14612


Business: 585-477-4903

Fax: 585-588-5422

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