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Georjean Adams

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Adams_Georjean.pngGeorjean L. Adams is President of the consulting firm EHS Strategies, Inc, which provides management advice on developing environmental, health and safety (EHS) programs. The firm specializes in product stewardship and life cycle management, as well as regulatory strategies for compliance with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and other regulations.

Ms. Adams is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Minnesota, teaching a semester upper class/graduate class on environmental regulations since 2008.

Georjean has nearly 30 years of professional experience in chemical EHS management strategies. She started her career at EPA Headquarters as a TSCA rule-writer and briefly worked at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. For 24 years, Georjean was central to building 3M’s corporate product stewardship programs, including regulatory compliance, chemical risk management and life cycle management program. She has been active in various industry trade associations to continually improve industry stewardship practices and to support effective and practical EHS regulations and is a member of the American Chemical Society Committee for Environmental Improvement working on sustainability of the broad chemical enterprise. Georjean has written articles and given presentations on life cycle management, product stewardship, environmental marketing claims, and TSCA.

Key activities Georjean is involved with include:

  • Greener Chemical Products and Processes NSF/Green Chemistry Institute standard development
  • American Chemical Society Committee on Environmental
  • Minnesota Green Chemicals and Product Stewardship initiatives
  • Minnesota Chamber Environment and Natural Resources Policy Committee
  • American Chemistry Council Product Stewardship Summaries
  • TSCA reform

Georjean received a BA in Biology from the University of California at San Diego and an MS in Environmental Policy from Washington University, St. Louis.

Visit her website to learn more about Georjean’s expertise and views.



You can do your “thing” more sustainably if you think about what can happen as a result of your actions before you do it. The paper offers a set of questions to ask yourself as you think through the environmental and societal impacts of the materials and energy you use and what happens to what you've produced or done. The questions are intended to help ACS members practice life cycle thinking and making more sustainable choices in whatever they do - from creating chemicals to going out to dinner. Presented at the 2010 Spring ACS Meeting

Product Stewardship

“Product Stewardship” means the product manufacturer is committed to seeing that potential environmental, health and safety (EHS) impacts are properly managed throughout the life cycle of a product – from the materials used to make the product to the manufacturing of the parts and final product, its distribution and use by customers and final disposal. While this is a shared responsibility between all supply chain members, the product users and those who handle any wastes, the product manufacturer has a core role. I will present information on what you need to know and do to achieve product stewardship and leverage it for market advantage.

Product Life Cycle Management

An overview of the concepts of product life cycle management (LCM) from the different perspectives of manufacturers, government and non-governmental organizations will be given along with a brief introduction to a screening tool that can be used to begin LCM thinking about your products or what you could do to contribute to minimizing adverse environmental, health and safety impacts associated with products. The talk can be tailored tot he audience. Presented at the 2007 Spring ACS Meeting

Chemical Regulation: TSCA, REACH

An overview of the requirements of the US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and the EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals and how they affect different types of businesses tailored to the audience


EHS Strategies, Inc.

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Business: 651-204-3371

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