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Irwin Talesnick

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Professor Talesnick taught pre-service and in-service courses in chemical education for 25 years at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Prior to that, he was a high school chemistry teacher in Toronto, Ontario. He has lectured and demonstrated widely in Canada, the United States, England, Wales, Israel, China, and Mexico. He has been the chairperson of two CHEM ED conferences (CHEM ED 87 and 89) as well as STAO 95 (Science Teachers' Association of Ontario). He has been a special lecturer and featured speaker at many of the NSTA area and national conventions in the past 10 years. Professor Talesnick was the keynote speaker at the CHEM ED 91 conference in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. On his retirement in 1993 the Science Teachers' Association of Ontario (STAO) presented him with the STAO Excellence in Science Teaching Award, and at that time renamed the award: It is now called The Irwin Talesnick Award for Excellence in Science Teaching. He was the 1995 recipient of the TIMM Award (New England Association of Chemistry Teachers) for outstanding contributions to chemical education in North America. Professor Talesnick's lectures are designed to motivate teachers, students, and the general public to inquire into the phenomena that are placed before them in the laboratory and in everyday life. The lectures are entertaining, stimulating, and informative.


Clocks and Colors, Lights and Sounds: Teaching and Testing in the Laboratory Demonstrations in Chemistry and the Sciences

Science programs in our schools can make a lasting impression on the general public. The way that chemistry and other sciences are presented will determine how the young people of today see science and scientific research when they become decision makers in our society. This lecture is designed to show professional scientists and educators one of the novel ways in which science might be taught in our schools. Emphasis will be placed on the use of the laboratory both in teaching and testing. After the formal lecture, teachers in the audience will be invited to remain behind and talk about a number of very new innovative and exciting experiments that they might use in their own classrooms. The members of the audience will take part in a variety of laboratory activities in areas related to chemistry as well as both the physical and life sciences. Each of the experiments is designed to motivate the members of the audience to think, discuss, and "to science". Teachers in the audience will be encouraged to modify each of the experiment so that they can be used at any grade level for both teaching and testing. Appropriate safety precautions will be used and discussed during each of the experiments. Participants will receive a handout describing at least 20 different classroom-laboratory activities and experiments that can be performed with simple and inexpensive equipment and supplies. Teachers will return to their classrooms and their students with a refreshed and refreshing approach to the teaching of science, and they will be prepared and eager to share with their students the love of science and sciencing.


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