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Kathleen Schulz

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Dr. Kathleen Schulz is an ACS Fellow and 40 year ACS member who has been active at all levels in the Society---local section, technical division, national committees and task forces. She has served as Councilor for two ACS Divisions---Business Development and Management (BMGT), and Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (I&EC). Examples of her national ACS service include: Chair of LSAC, ACS Tour Speaker, and “Founding Mother” of the ACS Leadership Development System which was rolled out in 2009.

Kathleen enjoys facilitating workshops in the ACS Leadership Development System, and is currently certified in: Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue, Developing Communications Strategies, Strategic Planning, and Extraordinary Leader. She is a highly experienced presenter who has delivered more than sixty national-level oral presentations, seminars and workshops in person, via live TV or videoconference.

Kathleen has a PhD in analytical chemistry from the Univ. of Missouri at Columbia and a BS summa cum laude from Eastern New Mexico University. She has additional training in organization development, marketing and business development---including certifications in Human Performance Improvement, Guiding Organizational Change, and Leading Organizational Transition.

Dr. Schulz’s unconventional career path proves that training in chemistry creates diverse opportunities. The first half of her career was technically focused on health, environmental and nuclear problem-solving in a variety of organizations e.g., Hertzler Clinic (Halstead, KS), clinical chemist; California State University (Fresno, CA), chemistry professor; Rockwell Hanford Operations (Richland, WA), R&D Manager; Midwest Research Institute (KC, MO), Principal Investigator and Business Unit Manager; Hewlett-Packard Co. (Wilmington, DE), Analytical Products Marketing and Business Development positions.

The second half of Kathleen’s career has been focused on people and relationships----e.g., helping leaders guide and communicate organizational change, and working with technical experts to increase funding and customer satisfaction. She has provided business development training, coaching and support for technical experts in areas ranging from intelligent systems and robotics to analytical products, energy and environment, and national security. Kathleen’s specific experience includes: Worldwide Product Marketing and Business Development Manager-North America (Hewlett-Packard, Wilmington, DE); Energy & Environment Program Development Manager and Performance Improvement, Organizational Change & Business Development Consultant (Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM). In 2009, Kathleen formed her own consulting company, Business Results, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM).

Highlights of Kathleen’s diverse honors include ACS Fellow, Sandia President’s Quality Award, for creation of Advanced Sales Training program for scientists and engineers; Professionalism Award, for outstanding contributions in business development, customer interface and promoting the Institute’s image, presented by Midwest Research Institute’s Council of Principal Scientists; Pioneer in Laboratory Robotics Award, International Symposium on Laboratory Robotics.


ACS Leadership Course: Developing Communications Strategies

As a senior leader within ACS governance, you will encounter an increasing number of opportunities to represent the Society to outside parties, stakeholders, and media, often under pressure and in high visible situations. This level of communication requires a higher understanding of communications to ensure the best representation possible. This interactive course introduces you to executive level communications where you will learn how to skillfully communicate new insights, keep others informed, report on new endeavors, and communicate in an interesting and compelling manner.

ACS Leadership Course: Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue

Have you ever found a project to go awry only to learn that miscommunication was the cause? Good communication skills can make all the difference in your success as a leader. This course helps ACS leaders improve their one-to-one communication skills from both sides of the communication exchange – as sender and receiver. You will assess your own communication skills through conversations with colleagues (within ACS and in your workplace.)

ACS Leadership Course: Strategic Planning Workshop

Setting direction and creating the strategic plan for a local section, national committee, division, or region, is a key responsibility of senior ACS leaders. Yet, many of us lack the experience in plan development, receive minimal assistance in setting direction, or are unclear of how to align the section, division, or committee’s goals to those of the Society. This course will help you improve your understanding of the planning process while giving you the opportunity to start developing a plan that aligns with the ACS Board of Directors’ strategic goals.

ACS Leadership Course: Extraordinary Leader Workshop

In a volunteer organization like ACS and in the workplace, great leaders can significantly impact the productivity of a team, the effectiveness of a local section, and the performance of a committee. Being a competent leader starts with knowing what it takes to be a great leader and gaining an understanding of your own strengths. The ACS Extraordinary Leader course provides a model for effective leadership that will help you achieve exceptional results. As part of the program you will participate in a 360° feedback process that gives you personal feedback on your leadership competencies. You will then use this feedback to create a personal plan for developing your leadership strengths to become an extraordinary leader.


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