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Lynn Hogue

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Hogue_Lynn.jpgLynn Hogue was a high school science teacher for 27 years before joining Miami University's Center for Chemical Education as Associate Director in 1994. She has served as teacher programs director and lead instructor for more than 50 funded National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, National Petrochemical Refiners Association, and Ohio Board of Regents programs. Lynn is co-author of several teacher resource books including Family Science Fun from A to Z; Classroom Science from A to Z; Investigating Solids, Liquids, and Gases with TOYS; and Science Projects for Holidays Throughout the Year. She has worked with school districts throughout the country in presenting teacher in-services and assisting them with updating their science curricula. In addition, Lynn has given more than 100 featured presentations over the last five years. Sarquis-Hogue Team Presenters Sarquis and Hogue have worked together for more than 15 years developing chemistry-based toys lessons for teachers and students of all ages. They have made numerous plenary and invited presentations at ACS meetings, teacher meetings, and in-school special events for teachers and students. Themes of these presentations include kinesthetic activities, visualization in chemistry, student motivation to learn chemistry, using toys as a learning tool, and meeting the diverse needs of learners through an array of teaching strategies. In 2005-2007 alone, this dynamic team presented in Russia, China, Cuba, Korea, and throughout the U.S.


Lowering Students' Activation Energy for Learning Chemistry

Reunite the fun, hands-on with the mental, minds-on aspects of chemistry through the multi-sensory interactions, visualizations, and modeling, storytelling, thought-provoking demonstrations, pop culture, and plain old fun. By combining the affective and cognitive domains, these strategies have been proven increase student motivation, conceptual understanding, and performance. During this presentation, you will experience dramatizations that explain complex chemical phenomenon; see how models can be used to depict chemical reactions, dissolving, and activation energy; learn how ping pong balls and paperclips can help students visualize elements and compounds and learn to write chemical formulas; and lots more. (Note this is a highly interactive presentation, so plan to be involved.) Audience Level Specialists (highly trained), Chemists, Students, Classroom teachers, General (nontechnical).

Using Toys Creatively in Chemistry

What's the chemistry of a self-inflating balloon? or a drinking bird? or popular magician's tricks like putting a needle through a balloon? This presentation will make you smile and may bring out your inner child. See how simple toys and common household items can be used to unlock the mysteries of chemistry. All activities were developed by the Center for Chemistry Education through funding from the National Science Foundation, the Ohio Board of Regents, and Miami University. If you agree that play is learning without punishment, then you'll also agree that toys are ideal tools for learning science. Toys have the capability of uniting fun, hands-on play with minds-on learning. Feel like a kid again as you explore ways to use toys in your outreach programs, to spice up your classes, or to use with your own kids or grandkids. Become involved in the steps of the scientific method while solving the secrets of the Fortune Teller Miracle Fish. Find out what's so magic about Magic Sand. Many other toys will be demonstrated. All activities are user friendly, hands-on, highly motivational, and appealing to children no matter what their real age. You'll never look at toys the same way again. (Note this is a highly interactive presentation, so plan to be involved.) Audience Level Specialists (highly trained), Chemists, Students, Classroom teachers, General (nontechnical).


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