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Update: Turkish Chemical Engineer Faruk Yarman has been sentenced

Update: Turkish Chemical Engineer Faruk Yarman has been sentenced

Dear all: 

Faruk Yarman, the Turkish chemical engineer who has been held in the “Sledgehammer,” Conspiracy Trial, was sentenced to 13 years in prison last Friday in a mass verdict in which 330 convictions were handed down by the court.  From all appearances, the evidence against those convicted in the trial was fabricated; the police reportedly acknowledged that they planted incriminating evidence.  We believe that Mr. Yarman was the only non-military person accused in the trial. Thirty four military officers reportedly were acquitted.  Mr. Yarman is held in Silivri prison.  His family and friends have applied for permission to visit him.  There is an appeals process available but we do not have further information on the appeal at this time.

Regards,  Carol

  1. P.S. If you have not yet circulated the petition for Kemal Guruz, the imprisoned Turkish chemical engineer and education administrator, please consider doing so now.


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