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Name: Mitsuru Yamada
Country: Japan
City: Hokkaido
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Technical Division Membership: Physical Chemistry Division
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Career Stage: Professional
Research and Special Interests: This is a Japanese amateur physicist. I am researching many body problem like the electronic state in a helium atom or hydrogen molecule, currently. When I was student, I believed the strength of the Self Consistent Field Method. But now, I am clearly doubting its physical meaning. It is because even though the Hartree Vock or Slator matrix formalism seems to show the vanishing of the wave function when any pair of electrons approach each other, it is due to the mathematical trick. I believe the conventional SCF method does not take into consideration the real Coulomb repulsion between any pair of electrons. Actually the entire group of electrons contained in any atom or molecule is descrived by one wavefunction of many variables, and accordingly the wavefunction becomes multidimensional. For example, the Helium atom contains two electrons of which coordinates may be denoted by x1,y1,z1 and x2,y2,z2. Then the way of describing and studying the state of the entier electronic cloud of the helium atom should be to use a wavefunction of 6variables like psy(x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2). This wavefunction that describe the state of the whole atom, I think, cannot be computed by the conventional SCF method numrically eaxctly. In stead, I am now trying to use Kimball&Shortley Method to compute the 6-variable wave function. Due to the limit of the memory capacity of the current personal computer, the meshes that I used is very rough, i.e., 17times17times17times17times17times17 lattice. Some numerical data of the 6-variable wavefunction of which precision was also computed is already computed. I am using TrueBASIC language for programming. Recently I am composing a program of 1-dimensional 2-body initial problem. I am thrilled what happens how quantum mechanically destined particles behave when they are connected by inter particle interaction. What is annoying me is the true character of the interpartical interaction between the two particles. Are they exchanging photons as some textbook tells? Now it is serious problem for me what is the coulomb potential, or interparticle potential. If somebody has interest in my research please contact me. My e-mail address is Or please contact me by regular mail. My postal address is, 2F-West Cosmos Takayama 81-3 Kita Machi, Isesaki-city, Gunma, JAPAN. Thank you for reading.
Area of Expertise: Computational Quantum Mechanics
Years of Expertise: 1-5
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