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Name: Reuben Koutal
Country: Israel
City: Tel Aviv
ACS Member: true
Local Section:
International Chapter:
Technical Division Membership: Physical Chemistry Division
Technical Division Membership Emeritus:
Subdivision Member:
ACS Activities: At the present, none. Except one satirical text in a forum in ACS Network, which is reflected from an actual event, taking place, progressively.
Company/Institution Name:
Career Stage: Professional
Research and Special Interests: Studied Chemistry and Life Sciences in general at my free time, and without any formal or academic validation or support, except two Chemistry courses in Engineering School. My formal Education was at Northrop University, in Inglewood, California, then an ABET approved institution. Born and raised in my Home Country in The Middle East, untill age 14, where acquiring general wide spectrum body of knowledge is instilled in every person from youth, have by choice, followed that doctrine. In the capacity of employee, designed in the past, electromechanical machines, drafted Standards, and Patent Applications. At the present, I attempt to earn some living by correspondence through the Web, or other means.
Area of Expertise: Design of Electromechanical Machines, Editing Standards, and Patent Applications, according to guidelines mandated by each territorial jurisdiction
Years of Expertise: 26 or more
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