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Name: Pierre Matricon
Country: Sweden
City: Uppsala
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Technical Division Membership: Biological Chemistry Division,Medicinal Chemistry Division,Organic Chemistry Division,Carbohydrate Chemistry Division,Catalysis Science and Technology
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Career Stage: Retired
Research and Special Interests: As a graduate student, I am really passionate about the molecular recognition processes in life sciences. I would like to access a research career in Computer-Aided Ligand Design for various innovative applications such as Drug Vectorization (e.g. Targeting specific overexpressed cell receptors or cell compartments (using localization signal mimetics)), Peptidomimetics as Protein-Protein Interactions inhibitors, Protein Epitope Mimetics (as vaccines), Aptamers and Gene Silencing (siRNAs). For these kinds of studies, I would be interested in using several methods of interest as those from Cheminformatics (Fragment-based, Combinatorial Libraries Design, Fingerprinting, (3D)-QSAR, Pharmacophore Modeling, Diverse Set Selection and Similarity-Based Targeted Chemical Space Exploring), Protein-Ligand and Protein-Protein Docking Methods (Hot-Spots Prediction for Structure-based and Important Fragments Identification for the Design of Peptidomimetics), Molecular Modeling and Homology Modelling.
Area of Expertise: Drug Design, Cheminformatics and Molecular Modeling
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