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Name: Hubert Valencia
Country: JPN
City: Nagoya, Japan
ACS Member: true
Local Section:
International Chapter:
Technical Division Membership: D509,Colloid & Surface Chemistry Division;D517,Inorganic Chemistry Division;D525,Physical Chemistry Division
Technical Division Membership Emeritus:
Subdivision Member: G17,Solid State Subdivision;G25,Theoretical Subdivision;H17,Organometallic Subdivision;I17,Bioinorganic Subdivision;I25,Energy Subdivision;J17,Nanoscience Subdivision;K17,Coordination Chemistry Subdivision;M17,Sustainable Energy and Environment Subdivision
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Company/Institution Name: Nagoya University
Career Stage: Professional
Research and Special Interests: Theoretical modeling of the surface and interface of energy-related materials.
Area of Expertise: Theoretical Chemistry
Years of Expertise: 16-20
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