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Name: Dilip Maiti
Country: India
City: Kolkata West Bengal
ACS Member: true
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Technical Division Membership: Organic Chemistry Division
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ACS Activities: 1. Publishing papers 2. Reviewing manuscript 3. To take part in other activities of ACS 4. Looking for Fellow of ACS 5. It will be great honor for me if the ACS authority provide me Associate Editorship to any new nanoscience and chemistry journal.
Company/Institution Name: University of Calcutta
Career Stage: Professional
Research and Special Interests: Research Interests Organic Switching Memory and OLED: New organic nanomaterials are employed for fabrication of novel switching memory and organic light emitting diodes using organic electronics Nanocatalysis: Fabrication of functionalized metal nanoparticles for developing novel nanocatalysis towards synthesis of functional molecules Nanoreactor: Design, synthesis and development of properties of surfactant, fabrication of surfactant-assembled nanoreactor in nonconventional media such as water, and development of new hypervalent iodine as nonmetallic Lewis acid-like oxidant for C-H, N-H and -bond activated chemo-, regio- and stereoselective fundamental organic transformations, oxidative cyclization and direct transfer of halides for halogenation reaction Metallic nanomaterials: Fabrication of functionalized high and low-valent metal nanomaterials, their imaging by special technique such as TEM-EELS, development of their interesting magnetism, and outstanding reductive and oxidative catalytic properties Organic nanomaterials: Design, synthesis and fabrication of organic nanostructured materials, investigating their aggregation induced enhanced emission (AIEE), optical properties and construction of organic nanodevices for high-tech applications Virtual nanolab: ATK software used to understand the driving force operating between the nanobuilding blocks in nanostructured organic materials and also to design high-tech devices involving organic electronics Catalysis: Development of new catalytic property of rare earth and transition metal towards synthesis functional molecules. Recently we have introduced Catalyst Originator - a new concept in catalysis Activation of bonds for reaction: Studies on Csp3/sp2/sp-H and -bond activated functionalization, domino and annulation reactions towards syntheses of ubiquitous organic architectures and valuable synthons NHC carbenes: We design and synthesise of N-Heterocyclic carbenes (NHC), the mono- and bimetallic as well as chiral analogues and develop as efficient catalysts for asymmetric C-H bond functionalization and other fundamental reactions Ionic liquids: Imidazolium-based protic and other ionic liquids are used as catalysts in aqueous medium for valuable protection, deprotection, functionalization and annulation processes Carbohydrate chemistry: Glycal and related sugar chemistry and their application as a potential drug and organic nanomaterials in organic electronics Mechanistic study: Investigating reaction mechanism using labelling experiments and in-house ATR-Mid-IR technology, UV-vis-NIR, fluorescence and other techniques Theoretical studies: Theoretical calculation for geometrical optimization of the target functional molecules with multiple stereogenic centers, intermediates and transition states of the ongoing reactions are executed using density functional theory (DFT) as implemented in Gaussian-09 using in-house computer cluster Medicinal Chemistry: Development of new generation drugs for malaria and tuberculosis (joint in a national program) with OSDD, CSIR, Govt. of India
Area of Expertise: Organic Chemistry and Nanoscience
Years of Expertise: 21-25
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