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Name: Jennifer L Maclachlan
Country: USA
City: Sandwich
State/Province: MA
ACS Member: true
Local Section: L109,Northeastern
International Chapter:
Technical Division Membership: D502,Analytical Chemistry Division;D511,Environmental Chemistry Division;D531,Small Chemical Businesses Division
Technical Division Membership Emeritus:
Subdivision Member: G02,Chromatography & Separation Subdivision
ACS Activities: Small Chemical Businesses Division PR Chair Serving on ACS Committee: associate on the ACS Committee: Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC) for service in 2011. As a local member of NESACS hosting 4 IYC events in my local community of Cape Cod in 2011. Continuing Cape Cod Science Cafe Summer Series in 2012. Facilitator of ACS Sustainability Engagement Event (SEE) Action Group 7 to create a positive, viral buzz about green chemistry and other sustainability practices. Presentation was made on August 23, 2010 at the Boston National ACS Meeting to the CPRC.
Company/Institution Name:
Career Stage: Professional
Research and Special Interests: 1) Organizing the Small Chemical Businesses Division Symposia & Workshop at NERM 2012 in Rochester, NY 2) Accepted a position as Member to the ACS Committee: Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC) for service 2012-2014. Completed service as an Associate to this committee in 2011. 3) Accepted appointment as Public Relations Chair to the Small Chemical Businesses Division of ACS in 2012. 4) Successfully organized Cape Cod Science Cafe for each quarter of IYC2011 with the assistance and cooperation of my local section: NESACS. 5) Completed service on PITTCON's Exhibitor Advisory Council for Marketing in 2011. 6) Facilitated Conferee Networking Session at PITTCON 2012: "How can the modern analytical chemist overcome the barriers of new method introduction" after the success of my 2011 session titled "The role of analytical chemists in an age of high-end instrumentation and robotization".
Area of Expertise: Sales and Marketing of portable, laboratory and process GCs.
Years of Expertise: 16-20
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