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Name: Victoria Volkis
Country: United States
City: Princess Anne
State/Province: MD
ACS Member: true
Local Section: Chemical Society of Washington
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Career Stage: Professional
Research and Special Interests: Summary of Qualifications: Polymer and Rubber Chemistry, Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis, Analytical techniques for Polymer Characterization, Management Skills; 26 published papers, 11 papers are in preparation; 3 patents; 4 patents are in preparation; more than 20 oral and poster presentation on local and international conferences (the list of publications is attached) Skills: • Polymer chemistry: more than 10 years experience in: organometallic, cationic and radical polymerization; isolation and purification of polymers, elastomers and rubbers; full polymer characterization (chemical, rheological, mechanical and microscopic properties); structure-properties correlation; investigations of polymerization mechanisms; scale up for pilot reactors; high pressure polymerization; copolymerization of polar and non-polar monomers • Analytical techniques: More than 10 years experience in: GPC, viscometer, light scattering detection and determination of particle size and polymer analysis; HPLC analytical and preparative; all kinds of one and two dimensional NMR; FT-IR; GC; GCMS; ESI-MS; MALDI-TOF; UV/Vis; DSC; TGA (TGA/MS and TGA/FTIR). More than two years of experience in: ESR; AFM; ion-selective electrodes; elemental analysis • Synthesis and homogeneous catalysis: inorganic, organic, and organometallic synthesis; working with air and water sensitive reagents; homogeneous polymerization; separation, isolation, purification and chemical characterization of inorganic and organic products, polymers, rubbers and elastomers; managing and maintenance of lab equipment • Management skills: supervising of coworkers and students -; up to 13 persons; collaborations with other research labs; joint research projects with industrial companies; supervising assistance for lab staff and undergraduate students; ordering of chemicals and supply; inventory; literature search and project planning; preparation of papers, reports and presentations; writing of safety documents, MSDS and SOP. Computer Literacy: Windows; all MS Office Programs; Adobe Acrobat Suite; ACD Labs; ChemOffice; MestReC; MM2; MM3; Photoshop; Chem. Abstract search; ProShow View; Waters, Varian and TA Instrument Software for instrument"s support Personal Skills: Strong analytical skills and experience, ability to learn new technical tools, ability to create and follow through on project plans, strong communications skills, ability to interact with all levels of management, customer facing capabilities, professional appearance, ability to understand product environment from the market point of view, willingness to travel and/or relocate Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian (Native Fluency)
Area of Expertise: Polymer Chemistry, Polymer analysis, scale up to pilot reactors, elastomers and rubbers; organometallic chemistry; homogeneous catalysis; NMR; analytical chemistry
Years of Expertise: 16-20
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