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Name: Valerie Kuck
Country: USA
City: Poway
State/Province: CA
ACS Member: true
Local Section: L626,San Diego
International Chapter:
Technical Division Membership: D515,History of Chemistry Division
Technical Division Membership Emeritus:
Subdivision Member:
ACS Activities: Service in ACS National Offices: Board of Directors, Member, 2007-8: Committee on Grants and Awards, Member, 2007-8, Committee on Public Affairs and Public Relations, Member, 2007-8: Petroleum Research Foundation Steering Committee, Member 2007-8; Graduate Education Advisory Committee, Member, 2007-8; Program Review Advisory Group, Member, 2007-8; Committee on Nominations and Elections, Member, 2000-5 and Chair 2004-5; PROGRESS Steering Committee, Consultant on On-Site Campus Visits, 2002-5; Committee on Professional and Economic Affairs, Member and Chair, 1999-2000; Council Policy Committee (non-voting), 1988-94 and 1996-2000; Committee on Committees, Member, 1994-98, Chair, 1996-98; Career Consultant, 1998-2008; Committee on Local Section Activities, Member and Chair, 1991-94; Committee on Meetings and Expositions, Associate, 1984, Member, 1985-90, Chair, 1988-90; Program Co-ordination Committee Advisor, 1988-98; Committee on Economic Status, Member 1980-87, Chair, 1987; Professional Programs Planning and Coordinating Committee, Member, 1987; Committee on Professional Relations, Associate Member, 1977-79; Women Chemists Committee, Member, 1973-78, Secretary, 1974-77, Consultant, 2002-6; Committee on Committees" Task Force on Committee Enhancement, Member, 2003-4; Committee on Committees" Task Force on Committee Review, Member, 2001-2; Presidential Focus Group on Data Collection for Women and Minorities, Member, 2001; Canvassing Committee, ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials, 2003-4; Canvassing Committee, ACS Award for Team Innovation, Member and Chair, 1994-95; Canvassing Committee, Garvan Medal, 1973-78; Board Task Force on Technical Programming, 1998; Board Task Force on Industry Relations, 1995; Task Force on Continuing Education, 1992 and Task Force on Non-Academic Sabbaticals, 1987. Organizer of two special ACS presidential symposia: Cold Fusion and High Tc Superconductors. Co-originator of two national meeting events, SciMix and the Councilor Town Hall Meeting. Service in ACS Local Section Activities: Councilor, 1975-2005; Section Chair, 1992; Section Chair-Elect, 1991; National Chemistry Committee, Chair, 1994-2008, Member, 1993; Career Councilor 1997-2008; Education Committee, Member, 1993-2008; Gibbs Award Committee (Chicago Section), Member, 2000-05; Nominating Committee, Member, 1997-2008, 1994, 1989-92, 1985, 1983, and 1980, Chair, 1993; Professional Relations Committee, Chair, 1998-2008, Member, 1975-83; Pro Bono Award Committee, 2003-4; Project Wonder Science Task Force, Originator and Member, 1998-9; Middle Atlantic Regional "99 Meeting Steering Committee Member 1998-9; Long Range Planning Committee, Member, 1997, Chair, 1987-8; Organizer of Special Symposia, 1992, 1990 and 1988; General Interest Group, Chair, 1993, 1986-89; Baekeland Award Committee, Chair, 1991; Indicator Advisory Committee, Member, 1982-86; MetroChem "82, Steering Committee Member and Treasurer, 1982; and MetroWomen Chemists Committee, Co-Founder, 1976, Co-chair, 1977.
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Career Stage: Professional
Research and Special Interests: I received a BA in Chemistry from Saint-Mary of the Woods College in Indiana and a MS from Purdue University in inorganic chemistry. In 2001 I retired from Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ, where I had worked for 34 years. While at the Labs my research included basic research on ground state triplets, identification of a novel way for characterizing solder alloys, development of a stabilization package for polyolefin copper insulate that gave superior performance, crafting a procedure for reproducibly measuring the oxidative stability of polyolefins, and the development of a high temperature coating for optical fibers. I have authored 41 publications, edited two books, and been granted 21 U.S. patents. I have had a parallel career in the American Chemical Society (ACS), where I have played a leadership role in many activities. I have chaired six national committees and currently am a member of the Board of Directors of the ACS. In addition, I organized and presided over two special presidential symposia (High Temperature Super-conductors and Cold Fusion) that drew thousands of attendees. I have also been very active in my local section, North Jersey Section, where I have chaired a number of committees and task forces. I was a co-originator of SciMix and The Town Hall Meeting. I have received several national and local section awards for my ACS activities. In 1999 I established the North Jersey Section"s Careers in Transition Group. The Group meets monthly to address topics such as resume preparation, conducting job searches and ways for adeptly answering commonly asked interview questions. In addition, I review resumes and advise chemical scientists for the ACS Career Consultant Program. At national and regional ACS meetings and on college campuses, I have presented career workshops and reviewed resumes. Since retiring from the Labs, I have conducted research on gender differences in the training and hiring of physical scientists. I have published several articles on my research and spoken at a number of national meetings. Presently, my research is focused on the graduate and post-doctoral training and subsequent academic hiring research universities of female and Black/Spanish chemists. Currently, I am an adjunct professor in the Chemistry Department at the College of St. Elizabeth"s in Morristown, NJ.
Area of Expertise: Training and academic hiring of women, Blacks and Hispanic chemists
Years of Expertise: 26 or more
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