Andres Tretiakov

Lighting up the Periodic Table: Celebrating IYPT 2019

Discussion created by Andres Tretiakov on Jan 13, 2019

The project started a few years ago when copernicium and two other synthetic elements were confirmed by IUPAC and added to the Periodic Table after years of it being unchanged. This got me really excited and after celebrating the International Year of Chemistry in 2011, I decide to start making Periodic Tables using the laser cutter at my workplace. It took many attempts to get it just right and I also tried different materials and formats. For example, I used the laser cutter to engrave the PT on fluorescent acrylic sheets, transparent Perspex (as used in this project), on wood, plywood and MDF board. All had their own appeal, but I decided to use the transparent one and add LED lights around it to highlight and celebrate this iconic image of the chemical sciences, recognised and loved all over the world. The PT brings order and an understanding of the building blocks of the universe and to me this gives me great comfort.


I hope you enjoy it,

AndresAcrylic PT.jpg