Sarah Mullins

Editing documents (NOT commenting)

Discussion created by Sarah Mullins on Jan 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by Christine Brennan Schmidt

Is there a way to update documents already posted to a group?  For example, it's great to use my ACS LS group to archive project files, but it seems the only way to truly open the file is to download it, then edit and upload the file again.  Pretty clumsy if you want to make multiple edits. The comments feature is not what I need; I want an actual edit to the file.  Or in some cases, to share the file outside the ACS Network members.


I was hoping to use the ACS Network like cloud storage -- so that I can easily access the info from any computer with the internet, and even share the file with others eg send via email to someone not on the ACS network.  I don't want drafts of documents downloaded to different computers/drives.  Am I mistaken about the features/purpose of the ACS network?