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Can uncured rubber covering be crosslinked?

Question asked by john lee on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by john lee

I've had the rubber grip coating on power tools, computer mice etc become sticky.

1) what causes this (the mouse was exposed to moderate heat of a enclosed car), so that one might try to avoid it in the future, or is it just natural ageing.

2) on the web people talk about alleviating the symptoms by dusting with talcum powder. I'd like to know can it be more vulcanized by exposing to sulfur (powder or vapor fumes -gopher smoke control) maybe applying heat - what temp is necessary -steam?  I understand some may be "chemically vulcanized" with a liquid application - what is this and can it be procured somewhat easily.?

It's particularly troubling because I just bought some new ryobi tools which seem rather sticky. I was previously given an old ryobi drill which was horrendously sticky and removed the coating completely with solvents.

thanks for your help,


p.s. the web could really benefit from your answer as really the only answer is dusting with talc.