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Harden Lime Dust

Question asked by Christian Bor on Feb 12, 2019

Hi I work at a quarry/plant that produces lime. This lime goes through a kiln that hits it up and then we sell the product for a variety of applications. We get a lot of lime dust material once the stones have gone through the kilns. We role this material through a device that essentially presses the dust in a small sphere (charcoal pellets would be a good visual outcome of the end product, just white obviously because it is a lime). I noticed a lot of the pellets end up broken by the time the pellets eventually make it into a truck.

My question for the chemist community on here would be, is there a wet or dry chemical that could be added to the lime dust to help harden the pellets, so they don’t break. This compound could be added either pre-lime getting pressure rolled in the machine or post lime getting rolled out of the machine once it is in its pellet form. The compound would have to be just a small majority of the product, as the customers only want as pure as a lime product as possible.

I am an electrician by trade and don’t have a chemistry background of any kind. This question is solely for my own curiosity, since I don’t know anything about chemistry, I thought it would be interesting to know what other people might think on solving the issue. Its not greatly looked upon where I work as an issue, but I think it would be beneficial to try and keep more lime pellets from breaking up, possibly sometime down the road.