Carol Tittman


Discussion created by Carol Tittman on Feb 25, 2019

In my career I used computers, industrial printers.  In that time I saw many co-workers afflicted with various types of cancers, actually watched 2 co-workers (female) pass at our Regional Hospice.  I KNOW LONG TERM EXPOSURE TO THESE TONERS ARE CANCER CAUSING. For several years I have been working on having these products RECALLED, to NO avail.  Are there other products to adhere print to paper?? that would NOT be soo TOXIC?? where we would NOT watch our children afflicted with such a HORRIBLE DISEASE NEVER TO ENJOY THEIR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. I DO NOT BELIEVE “GOD” of an DENOMINATION (I cannot list them all) would have WISHED THIS FOR HIS/HER CHILDREN.  Perhaps politically motivated, many products coming from China, Taiwan, etc.