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W/W solution

Question asked by Allison Williams on Mar 8, 2019

I need to make a 100mL, 10% w/w solution of 30% ammonia solution & water.


The density of my ammonia solution is 0.89g/mL.


My calculations are as follows:


10g/mL divided by 0.89g/mL = 11.2g/ml


11.2mL ammonia solution = 10g of pure ammonia which is 10% of 100g water.


Therefore if i need to make a 10% w/w solution, I will need 11.2mL of 30% ammonia mixed with 88.8mL water.


Could someone who is familiar with w/w solutions please check my calculations and tell me if I am calculating this correctly or not?


Any help is greatly appreciated.