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epoxy adhesive and mineral oil

Question asked by Andra Ursuta on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Bruce Burton

this question is about the long-term interaction of cured epoxy and food-grade mineral oil.


i am a sculptor and worked with a glass-casting studio to produce large-size hollow sculptures that were intended to contain alcohol indefinitely. the sculptures were cast in sections which were joined together with a specialty epoxy adhesive called H-XTAL. we made a test with cured epoxy that was soaked in liquor (40% alcohol); after 3 months the epoxy seemed slighty soft. i am researching other liquids that could fill the sculptures without affecting the epoxy. i am wondering whether mineral oil would be a viable substitute - or would a solution of distilled water and antifreeze work? ideally once the sculptures are sealed, the liquid would stay inside for ever.


many thanks in advance for any suggestions.