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Boric Acid and Ethylene Glycol altered by UV-C or Ozone

Question asked by Brian Taylor on Apr 30, 2019

I applied a product called BoraCare to my basement truss to control a boring beetle problem.  BoraCare is boric acid and ethylene glycol mixture.  It is easily absorbed into the wood and according to the company perfectly safe once dry.  The trusses in my basement started growing mold a few months later.  I used a 55 watt UV-C lamp to kill the mold spores on the trusses.  After using the UV-C lamp I started having problems with my back and kidneys aching when entering the area.  I don't know if I've created a toxic byproduct by applying the UV-C or subsequent Ozone to the area where the BoraCare was previously applied.  I performed a lab test where I wore personal pumps with collection media and tested for boric acid and ethylene glycol in the air in that area.  The results were very, very low, almost undetectable.