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Binder of 85 research papers from 1929-66 by Calvin S. Fuller, PhD

Discussion created by Karen Fuller on May 14, 2019

Hello -

My grandfather was the late Calvin S. Fuller, a chemist who worked at Bell labs and one of the co-inventors of the solar cell in 1954. I recently obtained a large binder of 85 of his scientific papers written from 1929-66. Attached are photos of the table of contents. It also contains a couple letters of correspondence between him and other chemists. I would like to donate it to a chemistry library or archive and want to know if anyone knows the right place or person. There doesn't seem to be a library at ACS or a point of contact for that so it was suggested I try on this forum.


His autobiography is here: https://www.amazon.com/Making-Scientist-Calvin-S-Fuller/dp/1499630093/ref=sr_1_3 _nodl?keywords=The+Making+of+a+Scientist+Fuller&qid=1557787184&s=books&sr=1-3-ca tcorr


Please let me know if you know an appropriate organization or Chemistry library where I can donate the below book.


Karen Fuller

Brooklyn, NY