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Two part question about gas used for cooling

Discussion created by Kevin Logan on May 21, 2019


I hope I found the right group to help with my research. I have two questions that could turn into more depending on the answers.

The first question has to do with gasses. There are three common available gasses that in one way or another have a cooling effect (I believe that, technically, they pull heat but the result is lower temperature). They are butane, CO2, and N2O. Each of these is available in capsule or canister forms at local stores/online retailers. In considering chilling a liquid (dropping its temperature 20-30*), what are the different gasses efficiency as it relates to the amount of gas/volume of liquid and ability to cool (how much does the temperature decrease per gas/liquid volume measurement)? 

The second question is about gas transfer. These gasses are readily available to the public. Is it conceivable to create a mechanism that will extract (like the mechanism in a whip cream dispenser) the gas from, hypothetically an N2O whip cream cartridge, to a second pressure sealed aluminum or copper tube while retaining most of the initial pressure of the gas? For example, imagine a whip cream dispenser; screw on the capsule until it is punctured, instead of the gas emptying into the container with the cream, it pushes into a second container that has its own release valve operated by the user. I've attached a (very crude) basic sketch of the concept for better understanding.

Thank you very much in advance for whoever can help.

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