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I just read an interesting article about leadership and chemistry:

Can leadership skills elevate scientists & engineers beyond research? EIN Presswire - Philip Abraham - May 14, 2019 07:41

Leadership education will help with research Emerging laboratory heads need to be equipped to lead these teams for innovation by learning to harness this diversity Leadership skills for the...


For those of you who chose a leadership track - what was your goal? 

Did becoming a leader rather than staying at the bench help you achieve your goal?

Where did you learn to be a leader? Industry is more deliberate, academia less focused on training and more on experience.

For those who have participated in the ACS Leadership training, did that help make you a better leader?

ACS also has a Division focused on Management- BMGT. I'm a member of BMGT and find lots of opportunities to interact with others in leadership positions.

Anyone willing to share thoughts on the difference between leadership and management?