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Is it safe to use acetone to clean a concrete garage floor?

Question asked by Ann Smith on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by Dean Barron

I purchased a house that has a garage floor that is soaked with car chemic#als. It looks like a car mechanic worked in the garage and just let everything spill on the floor for 30 years and never attempted to clean up any spills. The floor makes the garage smell toxic and anything that touches the floor takes on the very offensive smell. I have tried every cleaner formulated to for the purpose of cleaning a concrete garage floor and lots of home solutions too, like Dawn soap, and nothing removes anything from the concrete. I know acetone is harsh and not a first choice because of the fumes and because it will make the concrete more porous, but I have to remove the toxic chemicals from my garage floor. I know concrete pools that are stained are cleaned with acetone so that is where I got the idea. My concern is the safety of acetone mixing with car chemicals like oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc. I want to be certain not to cause an explosive chemical reaction or a fire.  So, is it safe to use acetone to remove the chemicals from my concrete garage floor?