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THM in the water

Question asked by Jason Kishineff on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2019 by John O'Connor

My city notified some residents of elevated levels of trihalomethane in the water, as a bi-product of disinfecting. One monitoring site recorded 81.7 ug/L while a second site recorded 89.05 ug/L, where 80.00 ug/L is the maximum allowable contaminant level. Apparently this has gone on for a about a year, and some neighbors have told me that its happened in many other years too. The director of public works says its no big deal and that I'd have to drink 2 L/day for 70 years to risk any damage as a result of trihalomethane. Trying to find answers, I ran into an EPA study project regarding THM that looks kind of alarming, but I know enough not to get freaked out just because I saw something on the internet. Should I be concerned or not?