Rich Ehmke

Looking for chemist partner for new product used daily

Discussion created by Rich Ehmke on Jul 28, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Arthur Eby

Hi - I'm looking to partner with a chemist, preferably demographically located near South Florida (but not 100% necessary) on a creating the proper elements of product that would really ease the way individuals and businesses use this type of product daily, throughout the US and the world.  Need to see if it's realistically feasible to create this formula and would be looking to provide equity for this company/product.  Would need to sign an NDA, no investment financially required, simply your time & expertise.  We would negotiate % of equity prior to beginning project (after signing NDA).  This market (US only) represents over $15 billion annually, so this is a HUGE life changing opportunity, if it can be done.


If you're interested in this, please email with your background and any products you have helped create/invent - this would be something we would patent and take off immediately.  I have 30+ years business and entrepreneurial experience.  Look forward to hearing from you.