Cathy Miller

Application of Peptide PEGylation

Discussion created by Cathy Miller on Aug 29, 2019

PEGylation of peptides has proven to be useful for several applications:  
> PEGylation at cysteine residue
> Arginine modification
> Carboxyl group modification
> Hydroxyl group conjugation
> Active site protection from PEGylation
> PEG as flexible, hydrophilic moiety in bifunctional reagents
> Enzyme PEGylation for solubilization in organic solvents
> Reversible grafting of PEG to proteins or fatty acid

Peptide PEGylation often have the following advantages:  
> Increased solubility of hydrophobic peptides
> Masked antigenicity for minimum immune response in the host
> Prolonged half-life through reduced renal clearance