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Liquid Hydrated Silica

Question asked by Min5 on Sep 27, 2019
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I'm trying to work out what exactly is "Hydrated Silica", in reference to the many products used to kill bugs. Type: "hydrated silica and cedar oil" into a search engine and you will see them listed.


These products are a perfectly clear fluid with a light viscosity, safe for the skin and can be consumed, as they are safe for pets. It can be sprayed on humans, home and pets.


When I type "hydrated silica (inert) liquid formula” into a search engine, then I wonder if silicic acid and liquid sodium silicate are the same?


I had some powdered sodium silicate (water glass) sent as well as potassium silicate but I am not sure how to use them. And when I look on YouTube to see how sodium silicate  and silicic acid are made, I’m not sure I would want to spray that on my skin.


What I want to know is how to make or get the hydrated silica in these products.

Here are some references to add to my confusion: 

1.     Hydrated silica - Wikipedia

Hydrated silica is a form of silicon dioxide, which has a variable amount of water in the formula. When dissolved in water it is usually known as silicic acid . It is found in nature, as opal (which has been mined as a gemstone for centuries), and in the cell walls of diatoms .

2.     What is hydrated silica and how is it made? | Avocado Help Center

Silica is crystalline as it occurs in nature. Sand and obsidian are common forms. The sand is heated with sodium carbonate and dissolved in water to form liquid sodium silicate. The liquid sodium silicate is mixed with acid and precipitated to make hydrated silica, which is an odorless, tasteless white powder.


Please help.