Michael Greenberg

Retired Chemist Become World War 2 History Author

Discussion created by Michael Greenberg on Nov 21, 2019

After a 37 year career as a R&D director and research chemist in the food industry, I retired in 2012, consulted for two years and then spent 4 years researching a topic in World War 2 history- GIs who served in the United States during the war guarding some of the 372,000 German POWs interned in about 500 camps.  Turns out, my father was one of the guards. My research revealed that these GIs were involved in the reeducation and resetting the moral compass of close to 25,000 of the POWs through informal one on one interactions and/or formal government reeducation forts.  Result was sending the 25,000 former POWs directly back to Germany in 1946 to build a democratic government. Can learn more about the stories of these 30 GIs in a book published earlier this year entitled "Tables Turned on Them- Jews Guarding Nazi POWs in the United States". Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.  I have been on the speaking circuit and have been interviewed by four newspapers over the last 4 months. Attached photo is from my book signing after a presentation to the Chicago Jewish Historical Society.


All the experience making technical presentations at ACS meetings, writing technical publications in journals, patents etc made the book researching, publication process and presentations an enjoyable post scientist career endeavor.