Christine Brennan Schmidt

Best Practices for Working Remotely

Discussion created by Christine Brennan Schmidt on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by Jodi Wesemann

Now that many of us have now been instructed to work from home, we are challenged on how to be effective and efficient. 

  • Space; With my husband also working from home, I have had to find a place separate from him as our workstyles are very different. I have set up a small table in our family room near the sliding glass door, so that I get a lot of natural light and I can open it when it is warm enough. 
  • Staying Connected: My colleagues and I use a couple of tools to stay connected.  
    • Slack is great for instant messaging. And when i step away, i can still get messages on my phone or tablet. We can set up rooms and groups.
    • Video conferencing: To keep from feeling so isolated, many of my meetings are now video conferences. It seems silly, but it is nice to see people's faces when you are meeting with them now that we are not meeting in the office. 
  • Balance and limits: Generally, i like to work from about 7:30 -4pm, but in crunch time i will work later. Knowing that i have that flexibility, i will sometimes run an errand or see my PT in the middle of the day and then work a little longer. 

There are but a few ways i'm managing my remote work.  How are you doing this?  What are your experiences with working remotely?