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Odd question!

Question asked by Stacy Lynwood on May 16, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by Stacy Lynwood

I'm hoping to find an answer to an odd question, so a lil back story. My daughter watched a tutorial on YouTube on how to shrink doll heads (think like barbie) using pure acetone and a mixture of water. With my supervision we have succeeded in doing this process.  Ok, so now my daughter,  being the curious tween she is, not wants to enlarge doll heads... ok so in the process of shrinking a doll head u emerse the doll head in a mixture of pure acetone and water for a day or two in the process the head actually doubles in size before being taken out to air dry and shrink over a few days. So finally my question, my daughter wants to know is there a way to neutralize the pure acetone after the head enlarges and before it staths to shrink down? Or a chemical ( a safe one) like acetone that will enlarge the head without the shrinkage? Any help would be much appreciated just trying to help my daughter and her creativity lol thank you.