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Hi I was wondering if I could use a phospholipid complex to create phytosomes by manual addition of embilica officinalis extract?

Question asked by Linda Cabinda on Jun 18, 2020

The phosphorus complex I’m considering using is marketed as a supplement. 

Phospholipid Complex 8oz PC5200 


The reason I am looking into this is that when formulating a hair conditioner using emblica officinalis extract, even though the extract is marketed as water soluble it does not fully dissolve in water. This results in a precipitate being left behind on hair as “flaking”. Also causes stability problems within the formulation due to it being a powder form. Liquid form of the extract does not yield the same result so it’s not an option. 



I’ve been reading about the application of emblica officinalis in a photoprotectant formula that achieved stability by creating phytosomes using the extract and phospholipids. Could I reproduce the same result using an OC phospholipid complex?


If you have any other suggestions for how I could achieve stability with this powdered extract in my formula as well I would greatly appreciate it.