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Update>Non Flammable Substitute for Alcohol in Float/Sink Separator?

Question asked by Mark Webster on Jun 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by Karen Wisniewski

First I would like to thank Steven Cooke for his response last evening to my below query...


"Could someone suggest an inexpensive substitute for alcohol to be added to water in a float/sink separation tank to lower the density? Thank you."


I think I incorrectly assumed lowering the density was our solution. What we are trying to do is float/sink separate polypropylene from rubber. Currently @ 98% of the rubber is sinking with just water and a not a density issue. Think there are tiny bubbles or air pockets in the remaining pieces that keeps them afloat. Adding the alcohol immediately causes the remaining rubber to sink...might it be affecting the surface tension or something else? Regardless what might be a substitute for the very flammable alcohol we don't want to use? Thanks again.