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Collecting The Products Of A Reaction Before They Themselves React

Question asked by Shabnam Mohamad Shafiq on Jun 24, 2020

Hello ACS,


I truly hope you are all safe and well!


My question has to do with the following reaction:


H2CO3 + 2NaCl => Na2CO3 + 2HCl


It would be wonderful if anyone could start by commenting on whether this reaction is favourable or not, that is, does it require further energy (or a catalyst) to begin or will it occur naturally?


Let us consider that this reaction has already occurred. Would the two products react with one another?

In other words, would Na2CO3 react with HCl in an acid-carbonate reaction?


If they will, is there any way that we could stop this reaction from occurring? A reason for this may be that we wish to collect the sodium carbonate and the hydrochloric acid separately in order to use them.


Apologies if this seems like a confusing question - I appreciate your help so much!!