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LIMS: more than a lab software

Discussion created by Anna Freddi on Jul 24, 2020

What is a LIMS software solution?

LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System


This blog is supposed to talk about everything that concerns LIMS software solutions and/or a lab working environment. Feel free to share with us your opinion or to start a discussion about interesting topics or any doubts you might have!


Are you working in a laboratory in a chemical field? Do you already have a LIMS software or are you planning to install one?


Well, let's start with the first big question: what is a LIMS software?


Software LIMS: features and functions

If you're are tired to organize your data, manage your samples, and workflows yourself, you are in the right place.

A LIMS software should be like your lab assistant, supporting you in your daily tasks such as:


  • Sample and order management
  • Specification of your analysis purpose
  • Support your lab sample distribution and processing
  • Track your samples
  • Laboratory Management
  • Results and data recording, both manual, and remote
  • Release of your lab test results
  • Real-time data import and analysis
  • Create reportings and evaluations

An example for you: [FP]-LIMS, the LIMS software solution designed by the German firm Fink & Partner GmbH, is a flexible database that can support your daily routines and workflows.


We would be pleased if you would leave any questions or opinions about LIMS and chemistry!