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A High School Student Trying to Publish a Chemistry Paper

Question asked by DrRobertL Horton on Oct 14, 2020
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The weekend before last, the high school junior whom I am mentoring in connection with his science fair project in an area of flow assurance in the Petroleum Industry finally finished drafting his paper for submission to the Chronicle of the New Researcher (CTNR).  For a little more background on the CTNR, please see the E-mail attached below from Dr. Ben Danzo.  Sadly, my mentee alone and then with me trying to help had a great deal of difficulty communicating with the paper-submission sub-website of the CTNR.  Finally, we got a reply from Fenella Saunders at Sigma Xi HQ saying that CTNR was being prepared for archiving and would not be accepting any more submissions due to a lack of funding.


I encouraged my mentee to get the paper “ready” for the CTNR first because it might take the rest of his high school career for it to actually appear in print.  Now he is working on translating the paper contents into a poster for the science fair.  So the paper is for a print journal or an online journal and NOT for a science fair.


Due to COVID-19, the regional science fair, SEFH2021, may or may not happen late next January or early February.  We took it for granted (assumed) that the CTNR would be there when he was ready to publish, but you know about that word, “assume”.


Can you suggest some other journal where my mentee might be able to submit his paper ?  The paper is in great need of a good editor.  We also need to find someone familiar with Zotero. 


Can you help us explore whether or not the paper might become some sort of an ACS paper ?   As a high school student, the author is not, cannot be, an ACS member.  But the Scientific Research Foundation of Texas might be willing to become the source of funds to pay to get the paper submitted as an ACS paper.   How much does that normally cost ?


Or could you refer me to someone else who might help us get the paper published elsewhere ?  Feel free to forward this E-mail wherever it might possibly be useful to do so.


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