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    Why did you choose your specific degree in science?

      What made you decide to get your degree in science/chemistry? Who was your mentor?

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          Christine Brennan Schmidt

          I met a couple of chemistry professors from a local university when they came and gave lectures to my high school class.

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            Elisabeth Voress

            My mother was a chemist, and my dad a chemical engineer. Both shared the excitement of chemistry and encouraged me in math and science.

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              Anne O'Brien

              When confronted with a post card on which I had to make the awful choice among English, philisophy, and the sciences, I thought of the beautiful blue color of copper sulfate from high school labs, and wrote, Chemistry.  thought it would be wonderful to spend my life among such beautry.  That's the truth!


              An artist apparently agrees!  See C&EN http://pubs.acs.org/isubscribe/journals/cen/87/i01/html/8701sci2.html!

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                Robert Rich

                I was always good at math and science in school, but it wasn't until my chemistry class as a sophomore in high school that I decided on which degree I would pursue.  The teacher was outstanding, and she really gave me an opportunity to see what a beautiful subject chemistry is.  We did a lot of Socratic discussions and some really fun labs, including an unknowns unit where we got to do real problem solving.  Perhaps the most influential thing that I did was an independent project on laboratory safety.  It started as a demonstration of the value of using eye protection using Styrofoam manequin heads, and led to my work to organize the chemical stockroom into compatible groups.


                After that year of honors chemistry, I was hooked, and never came close to reconsidering my major.

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                  Brian Vest

                  I can pretty much remember as a child, I was always fascinated with insects, crystals, and mixing things together.  Chemistry seemed to come naturally out of that.  Nobody in my family was from the scientific background, so I really didn't have any sort of formal mentor.

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                    Christopher Dettmar

                    I've been a scientist since birth and new I would go into the sciences in elementary school. In high school, chemistry and physics caught my attention, so I went into physical chemistry.

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                      Harsukh Gevariya

                      During my High School days, my teacher used to produce chlorine gas in lab by mixing HCl and H2SO4. Using the cylinder filled with HCl gas we used to do the confirmative test like litmus etc. Later we also used to produce SO2 gas in lab. I  was very curious to know why it turns the litmus color blue to red . My teacher told me that when you grow up, you have to do this by yourself. This curiosity lead me till the college days. But in college, my own practical experiments just boosted my desire like anything and I almost blasted to go for chemistry.

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                        Michael Mitchell

                        My choice in the field of chemistry was really quite capricious to tell the truth...in high school I always had an intense love for the sciences and mathematics and never quite knew how I would incorporate these loves into an efficacious major. The joys of dimensional analysis (stoichiometry), unknown powders, titration, centripetal motion, and various other interesting things commited me to this major. Currently I have synergetically linked my love of mathematics and chemistry through the wild world of quantum mechanics!!! I've never really had a mentor in chemistry because my parents and family never had a strong background in the sciences...but if I were to assign a mentor I would have to go with my enthusiastic high school chemistry and physics teacher, Dr. Farrell.

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                          I was born in the 80's, so "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is what started it all.  Then great science teacher through my education kept that momentum going.

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                            Abdul-Hafiz Sanni

                            It was no more for me than self-bravery. In the secondary schools the news everywhere was that everyone is scared to go the science way. It was branded as too difficult to excel in it. Myself bravery makes me always want to do what people run away from. But I was held back by my poor performance in Physics at my final Exams. It was not easy to enrol for another Exam immediately for make up. Eventually I could not have mre than ordinary pass in physics. Admission reqirement to study SLT Chemistry accepts pass in physics. So I tppk the entrance Exam and made my way to SLT Chemistry. Chemistry is interesting when I read it but I am sad when I don't find practical application or experiment for what I read.

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                              Sarah Witherington

                              I had always been a geeky science kid and knew I wanted to be in the sciences.  It took me some trial and error first going into Mathematics (who knows why?) and then choosing Biology only to be dissatisfied. So I thought it out and decided that maybe biochemistry was right for me. I loved biology just didn't find some of the classes challenging enough so I changed my major and never looked back.  I loved clinical biochemistry and medicinal chemistry and thankfully I had a wonderful mentor and professor who loved biochemistry as much as I did. Now I'm combining my love of biochemistry and genetics to help patients! It may have been slightly on accident but I couldn't be more thankful!

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                                Jessica Heston

                                     I knew since I was four years old that I wanted to be a doctor. However (living in a non-science family like some of you mentioned), I didn't consider myself a science person until I took classes in high school. So at the beginning, Dad encouraged me to try and rooted for me to succeed (this makes me the person that I am today). As I studied, I found at the beginning that I enjoyed Physical Science, and then I really enjoyed Chemistry. (Since I have been studying Chemistry, I have apparently became too odd to talk to sometimes. )


                                     Not all things were clear to me when I first entered college, but one thing was certain: I wanted to major in Chemistry or Biochemistry depending on which the college would offer. Luckily, I ended up at MSSU and am now finishing my Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biochemistry. Here many of my instructors including Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Ennis, and Dr. Donelson have made learning Chemistry fun and exciting, and they have rooted for me also even when the way seemed tough. After these years have passed, I find myself interested in the Chemistry behind living things, so Biochemistry was the right way to go especially since I want to enter medical school and/or a graduate program.