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Councilors to observe executive committee meetings

Question asked by Jeannette Brown on Mar 19, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2009 by Jeannette Brown

I was just told that it is in the bylaws that councilors cannot observe executive committee meetings of committee that they are not a member of.  I have been a councilor for almost 30 years and I remember been encouraged to attend the executive committee meetings, and that they were open to councilors.  Some meetings such as N & E have always been closed, but I remember getting a list of executive committee meetings and an invitation for coucilors to attend.  I was told in new councilor orientation that that was the way to be considered as a member of that commitee and that is how I became a member of the Project SEED commitee, Women Chemists committee, Minority Affairs Committee and eventually Soc ED.  I am going to look up the bylaw, but if it exsists, it has never been enforced at least for me until the Salt Lake Committee meeting.  Since I had discrimination if this is going to be enforced from now on then I hope it is enforced equally for all councilors.