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    Collaboration with Architects Institute on Sustainability?

    Robert Rich

      This morning, I met with the chief of strategic planning at the American Institute of Architects to compare notes.  One thing that came up in our conversation was that both organizations have set addressing sustainability as a top goal.  From their perspective, architects believe that teaching and practicing sustainable design and construction will be an essential component of their profession in the future.  This seems to me very similar to how we feel about green and sustainable chemistry.  Also, many of the products that our members design and produce provide the raw materials for the construction industry.


      She provided me with the name and contact information for the resource architect in charge of their sustainability efforts.  Does anyone in this group have ideas on how we might frame a colalboration with AIA?

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          Carolyn Ribes

          This is interesting.  There are many parallel issues in terms of processes (communicating with and educating practitioners, their customers, general public, students, etc).   The content of communications would be different.    Talking with another organization may help us think about the process of doing this - and provide new ideas in terms of tools and venues for outreach.  


          I also see a partnership here in terms of content - as Bob describes.    And they can help define what types of materials, etc would be useful and most successfully embraced for use in homes and offices to improve energy efficiency and local generation.  


          Perhaps start with an initial conversation with their resource person to see how they are structured for addressing this issue? I'm curious if their efforts are as broadly based as ours are.