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I am the new local section PR Chair - Where do I start?

Question asked by Frankie Wood-Black on Apr 11, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2009 by Frankie Wood-Black

For many of you this is the first question that hits you - Where do I start? What tools are available? Who can I contact for ideas? This is truly the issue for all local and division PR Chairs. The good new is that there is a lot of information out there to help you - the problem is finding it. Hopefully this discussion tread will get you started in the right place.


First some support for you -


Find out more about the ACS by taking the online course - The ACS and You - You can find this course on the Leadership Development System Page - just click on course descriptions, and it is there. This course is free to you and it is online. While you are there check out some of the other course that are available for ACS Members.


Templates, Logos and Suggestions - Need a link to the ACS Logo, a template for a newsletter, letterhead, etc. The ACS Branding Guidelines page is exactly where you need to start - Using the Search tool at ACS you can type in "ACS Branding Guidelines" or link through the About Us to Logos. Here you will find instructions - recommendations for use, and links to templates.


Need a Discussion Group - Here is a place to start - CPRC actually has a number of places for a discussion group - However with the advent of Groups on the ACS Network This is where we would like to start. Please Start a Discussion - with your questions, concerns and ideas - we all need the help!


Other Resources that May Help


There is a Volunteer Resources Page for National Chemistry Week that has a number of great things for the PR Chairs (many of us that are interested in PR for our local sections started with the National Chemistry Week tools). Just go to the National Chemistry Week Page and look to the left side and click on - Volunteer Resources.


The Government Affairs Group has some sample letters and other items if you are trying to get your local Politicians involved. Just look up the Legislative Action Network or Government Affairs Committees - there are some useful resources there as well.


Chemists Celebrate Earth Day - is another activity with resources that may be useful to you.




Some Tips-


First - Just get started! The ACS has talking points, communication plans, and other resources. Just get started and ask questions.


Second - Focus on just a few tasks at first - what do you want to accomplish? Is to get the word out about a special meeting or an event? Is it to develop a relationship with your local newspapers (while the majors may be hurting - the hometown paper is doing well)? Is it to develop a relationship with the local radio station? Or just communicate better with your local section members? The key is to know what it is you are trying to accomplish.


Third - Try it - and share your experiences - We can all use the help. Learning something new is interesting and can be fun - but it is work as well. Make the time to try it and share with others.


Finally - Keep us posted we would all like to hear how things are going!!!!