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UN Millennium Development Goal # 7 - Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Discussion created by Robert Rich on Apr 24, 2009
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In preparation for the S3G phone call on April 29, Brad Miller has suggested that we may wish to consider aligning our developing world activities with the UN Millennium Development Goal # 7 on "Ensure Environmental Sustainability".


Since chemistry will be critical to many aspects of reaching this goal, linkage could provide focus to the initiative which we will discuss.


Another possibility might be to tap into our developing country members and/or the international network of Green Chemistry chapters that ACS GCI has established for assistance.


What do you think?





Robert Rich Robert Rich  says:

Please note that for the April 29 S3G phone call, agenda items will include:


  1. Approval of the minutes from Salt Lake City
  2. Approaches to communicating throughout the Society
  3. Focus on the "Enabling Member and Community Action" project (item # 4 in this document)


All group participants are invited to share their thoughts on the proposed initiative here in advance of the call.