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ACS Spring 2010 National Meeting - "Chemistry for a Sustainable World"

Discussion created by Robert Rich on Apr 28, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2009 by Carolyn Ribes

I had a good conversation today with Laura Pence, who is organizing the programming (through MPPG) for the ACS National Meeting in Spring 2010 on the theme of "Chemistry for a Sustainable World."  She is interested in participating in our online stakeholders group, and we specifically discussed a few areas for possible collaboration:


1. Logo - She would like to develop and use an "ACS: Chemistry for a Sustainable World" logo for the National Meeting and beyond.  As long as the logo has a formal "launch" in connection with next spring's national meeting, we could begin using it as soon as it is completed.  Do you think that this is something that S3G should collaborate with her on and promote Society-wide to represent the effort that we are trying to lead?


Along those lines, my team, with the help of the Office of Community Activities, has begun to collect appropriate art or photography that might serve as a basis for an ACS sustainability logo.


2. Publicity for Greening the National Meetings - Laura mentioned that some of the efforts of M&E and CEI already undertaken to "green" the ACS National Meetings could be promoted more agressively.  For example, the use of compostable plates and tableware may not be readily apparent, but could be more widely promoted.  Perhaps S3G can discuss this during the communications discussion tomorrow.


3. Program Wiki - Laura shared that she has constructed a wiki of the developing NM program at  The Sustainability Stakeholders Group is invited to take a look, comment, and offer suggestions.