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    ACS Spring 2010 National Meeting - "Chemistry for a Sustainable World"

    Robert Rich

      I had a good conversation today with Laura Pence, who is organizing the programming (through MPPG) for the ACS National Meeting in Spring 2010 on the theme of "Chemistry for a Sustainable World."  She is interested in participating in our online stakeholders group, and we specifically discussed a few areas for possible collaboration:


      1. Logo - She would like to develop and use an "ACS: Chemistry for a Sustainable World" logo for the National Meeting and beyond.  As long as the logo has a formal "launch" in connection with next spring's national meeting, we could begin using it as soon as it is completed.  Do you think that this is something that S3G should collaborate with her on and promote Society-wide to represent the effort that we are trying to lead?


      Along those lines, my team, with the help of the Office of Community Activities, has begun to collect appropriate art or photography that might serve as a basis for an ACS sustainability logo.


      2. Publicity for Greening the National Meetings - Laura mentioned that some of the efforts of M&E and CEI already undertaken to "green" the ACS National Meetings could be promoted more agressively.  For example, the use of compostable plates and tableware may not be readily apparent, but could be more widely promoted.  Perhaps S3G can discuss this during the communications discussion tomorrow.


      3. Program Wiki - Laura shared that she has constructed a wiki of the developing NM program at sanfransustainability.wikispaces.com.  The Sustainability Stakeholders Group is invited to take a look, comment, and offer suggestions.

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          Martin Abraham

          Laura is doing an excellent job as the theme leader for San Francisco and has many good ideas.  I especially like the idea of creating a logo around the theme, and retaining it for future use.


          Laura is a member of CEI, so I will keep her updated on our S3G efforts, regardless of how we decide to proceed.  But she is agressively looking to develop as much publicity around the theme as possible, and can serve as an excellent resource for us in helping to get our message out.  I am completely supportive of adding her to the group.

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            Carolyn Ribes

            I think that including Laura is a good idea.  I also agree that a logo to tag all the sustainability efforts makes sense.  How does that work with Chemistry for Life?   


            I remember a very nice photo from the website on sustainability when Katie Hunt was president, perhaps it was on the banner of the webpage.



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              Bob Peoples

              Activities:Exciting things coming together for San Francisco.  I certinaly echo Martin's comment - Laura is really getting the troops going. I wanted to share some conversations I have been having.  First with Lee Latimer, Bay area local section.  The newly rennovated CA Academy of Sciences has opened and they would like to do some sort of event, educational workshop, etc.  I am in CA today and tomorrow and will be meeting Lee and Bonnie Carpenter for dinner tomorrow night to discuss this.  Second, I learned of Irv Levy's plans for an Exploratorium event from Jim Hutchison and Julie Haack in a long discussion last week.  I think it might make sense to combine or coordinate the two activities.  I believe part of Lee's idea relates to the reopening of the Academy so will need to get a better understanding at dinner.


              Greening National Meetings: Lot's of good ideas continue to bubble up here.  However, one thing I think we need to get on top of is actually lettting  people know what we are doing.  There were many questions about how green SLC really was.  I believe there are a ton of things that were and are being done that people are not aware of.  I prepared a single slide on this to reveiw with the GCI Governing Board and I will reproduce the list here.  I was not aware of all of them so if those of us who are deeply engaged don't know, then obviously our members/attendees are not aware.  Communications is vital to our progress and recognition of those efforts.


                   Greening ACS Meetings

              1. Information page in program book
                Pitchers of water when acceptable (as opposed to bottled water)
                Reduced volume of printed program books
                Compostable plates & forks
                Convention Center recycled unused food
                Directional signage on recyclable paper
                No a/c in meeting rooms during set-up and teardown
                Shuttle bus company purchased CO2 offsets on own to support our efforts (could not attached certificate)
                Reduction in shuttle bus schedule
                Every hotel agreed to recycle (if no program, ACS supplied)
                If hotel says they have a greening program – ACS accepts
                All contracts have green elements now
              Martin, Ray and I have discussed the concept of a "meeting experiment" using digital book technology to deliver the abstract book to participants.  I believe this could be game changing technology for large conferences and have a big impact.  We could approach Google/Sony or Amazon about participating in this experiment.  Perhaps someone would be willing to offer a grant to conduct the initial digital conference experiment (say 500 readers for a trial).  Who develops content (or better ports it over to this new format)?  THOUGHTS?
              Contracts set 10 years out per by-laws
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                  Robert Rich

                  Thanks, Bob, for your posting.  Here is a possible approach to distribute abstract books (at least in part) electronically.

                  https://dtp.amazon.com/mn/signin.  If we have it in PDF or one of number of other formats, we can set a price and receive 35% as a royalty.  While exact sales figures aren't available, the number of Kindle readers is now in the millions, and likely many of these are owned by members and other chemistry professionals.

                  I recently learned that it is trivial to post content to be read on the Amazon Kindle at