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    GCI International Chapter Affiliates

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      Another outreach mechanism could be the GCI International Chapter Affiliates...From the GCI website at


      http://portal.acs.org/portal/acs/corg/content?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=PP_TRANSITIO NMAIN&node_id=1411&use_sec=false&sec_url_var=region1&__uuid=03257624-99a0-494f-8 2e0-c2d251ee1bd4


      Green Chemistry Institute International Chapter Affiliates

      The 24 Green Chemistry Institute international chapters are at various stages of development. The number of green chemistry-related affiliations and programs increases with the number of years since chapter inception. All reporting international chapters have participated in green chemistry education (e.g., hosting events, publishing materials, or increasing their own knowledge of green chemistry). Over 30 green chemistry education programs were reported. There are 33 green chemistry educational materials available in association with the international chapters, yet every chapter reporting a critical need cited educational materials and training opportunities.

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      International Chapter Affiliates

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      Critical Needs

      • Nepal critically needs educational training and resource materials in addition to heightened awareness about the green chemistry movement.
      • The Green Chemistry Network of York, United Kingdom would like to see more widespread practice of green chemistry and sustainability at all appropriate education levels.
      • The Brazilian Green Chemistry chapter would like green chemistry educational materials, including laboratory class exercises and texts, translated into Portuguese.
      • The Estonian Green Chemistry chapter believes green chemistry educational resources should be developed in Estonian to combat the lack of information they face.
      • The Indian Green Chemistry chapter also cites education as a major need to advance green chemistry, but emphasizes the need to target industry in particular.
      • The Spanish Green Chemistry chapter would also like green chemistry training for industrial professionals, particularly those in fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.